Monday, December 11, 2006

It’s a Good Day...But a Long Month

They are still there, kicking their very tiny limbs, with very tiny pumping hearts. Nicole was there to witness this miracle. It is such a feeling of relief to see that they are still alive.

In other news, my cervix is nice and long, which apparently is a good thing. We need it to stay as long as possible for as long as possible. This will help ensure we avoid delivering way too early. I also asked my doctor if it is normal to think that the babies are gone in between all appointments. She smiled and said yes, though I think she was indulging me. After all, very few of my friends have admitted to this fear. Maybe they are putting up a brave front. Maybe they don’t Google as much as I do. Maybe they just don’t realize that there are a million things that can go wrong. Life gets complex (unbearable) when you keep looking up for a storm cloud. I’m trying to look for the sun breaking through, but that is so very hard.

Next appointment is 23 days away. 23. I don’t know how I can wait that long without dipping back into the well of fear. That week is also when we do Part 2 of the nuchal blood work. And 9 very l-o-n-g days after that is the anatomy screen. And that is when we will find out whether we have boys or girls or one of each and if they are developing properly. And we will get to watch the twins on the fancy Level 2 Ultrasound screen for almost a full hour. Must-see TV for us.

I’d like to think that the upcoming holidays will be a nice distraction from all this worry and fret, but I know myself better than that. It’s going to be an interminable 23/32 days.


Kathleen said...
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bri said...

So... how many weeks will you be when you get all the nuchal results? By that time, the only option is an amnio, right? It's too late for CVS. I am asking from a purely self-interested point of view - trying to figure out what we will do. Do we even bother doing the nuchal stuff if we are 98% sure that we will do an amnio?

Jennifer said...

We are doing the nuchal/quad screen because there is a slight chance that if the odds are GREAT then we will skip amnio. Also, there is no reason not to, if insurance covers it , since it is so non-invasive. (We chose to not do CVS because it does have a higher rate of miscarriage...but amnio in NYC is like 1 in 1,200 chance.) Nuchal is 1st trimester blood; scan at around 11 weeks; and 16 week blood. With twins, there is a chance there numbers wll be skewed. So we are still on the fence. But going into an amnio with odds on our side makes me feel so much better.

bri said...

Good to know - thanks!